Moulton Productions

About us

We are a film and music production company.  Looking to be the biggest and best of all time.  We know that is a great feat, but if you can believe you can do anything you want.  We have a range of movies ready to be filmed, from Horror to Comedy.  From Romance to Crime Drama.  We are also in to the music biz as well.  We signed the two hottest rappers in San Diego, Tynie Byrd and J4.  Look out for the Mix Tape coming soon as well.  And the album to drop early in 2011.
From movies to music Moulton Productions is going to be taking over.  Look out for all the hits coming soon.  Thank You to all that helped out and to all that support Moulton Productions.

Just click on the link to purchase a copy of Weekend at the Cabin
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